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There will be no sign up fee for the membership, but all members have to be registered in the club as such and for tournaments and league matches and insurance reasons.
The payment will take place via a clip card system, where members pay for each activity they participate in. It is intended that the system is going to function 100 % digitally by an app on phone and computer.
The clip card system implies that the club member’s family – parents and siblings - will be able to use the clips on the card if they want to participate in activities of the club. However, if they want to be covered by the insurance of the club, it is necessary for them to be registered in the club.
Every year there will be 2 to 3 meetings for members, where they can come with feedback for improvement of Sparta Penang.


1. 5 sessions 210 RM - basic price
2. 10 sessions 378 RM - 1 free
3. 20 sessions 667 RM - 4 free
4. 30 sessions 1000 RM - 6 free
5. 50 sessions 1570 RM - 9 free

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